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Join The Cooperation Revolution...

  • If you are one of the tens of millions of individuals, businesses or non profit groups around the world that knows there is now plenty for everyone to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life join us now.. You can share in 70% of the revenue we receive and use it to help achieve your mission and goals.
  • If you know that cooperation rather than competition is now the only option for us to repair the Earth, heal those damaged by war and poverty and grow a flourishing sustainable future then join us now..

What Our Members Have to Say

  • As a co-operative, the system promotes abundance by directing a large percentage of the advertising income back to the members in a very generous affiliate rewards plan.

    Connecting those who are doing good, promoting them and rewarding them.

    Joan Jacobs
    The Light Within

  • As a member of Your Healthy Planet you access FREE services and the opportunity to EARN a healthy extra income that can grow and grow to provide security to you and your family.

    It is a part of the cooperation revolution!

    Alex Sprunt CEO
    Fit to Walk and Talk

  • My body repair business is powered by the Sun (60kW of rooftop PV) and I know it makes a difference. It would be great if all businesses made a small positive difference; it's not enough just to make money today.

    FBR Prestige

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