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Good News - Business - Electric Car Plans Zoom Ahead

In Australia and in a number of other countries around the world a new initiative called 'A Better Place' (www.australia.betterplace.com ) are setting up a network of battery charging outlets and exchange stations to service the exploding electric car industry.

Evan Thorley, CEO of Better Place Australia operations believes that the industry will explode ...

"The economics of batteries and renewable energy are just overwhelming versus petrol," he says. “But obviously, as governments move to put a price on carbon, that will lead to a further increase in the cost of dirtier energy sources and therefore a greater competitiveness for clean energy."

Better Place estimates energy costs for electric cars is 2-3 cents per kilometre, compared with 10-15 cents/km for petrol-powered cars, depending on the model.

Any carbon price would widen the gap - provided the electricity comes from renewable sources.

And we're not just talking about small, uninteresting electric vehicles here either. The electric car industry is delivering the goods. Tesla Motor Company already has some 1,500 of these beautiful and fast Tesla Roadsters being driven around in some 30 countries, including Australia.


For more details click here or to know more on the Better Place initiative click here.

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