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Good News - Environment - Brisbane Flooded With Volunteers

Bus after bus after bus loaded with men and women headed out into the flood ravaged areas of Brisbane from early morning yesterday and again today ... and they will do it again tomorrow and until the clean up has been completed.

Incredible scenes of devastation faced the volunteers as they arrived, armed with shovels, brooms, mops and buckets ... some even had high pressure water cleaners.  Piled high along the sides of roads were the gutted interiors, the soaked and stained clothes, furniture and appliances of the se resident, many without flood insurance.

Ceilings and walls had to be stripped out ... only the frames of many houses remained.

An army of friends, neighbours were there helping ... but many who had arrived were not actually friends, but yes they were. Barriers that normally exist in our 'normal daily lives' had disappeared within a context of "we are all in this together", and for Brisbane to florish we must all florish.

We left home at 7am and arrived back, pretty exhausted at 4:30pm ... and we met some wonderful human beings. Quit a few have been in Australia for only a matter of months and were doing such an amazing job, side by side with some who had lived here all their lives.

Brisbane and Queensland will be back better than ever real soon ... and so will Australia.

PS Serious flood damage and loses have also been experienced in NSW nad Victoria, some isolated flooding in Tasmania and it is understood flood waters are headed to South Australia.

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