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"Faith is much better than belief. Belief is when someone else does the thinking." R. Buckminster Fuller
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Good News - Social Events - A time to give thanks

Having lived in South "Freo" while my young children were growing, the annual \'Blessing of the Fleet\' was a special time in OCT each year to get the sense of tradition and community well beyond the years Caucasians had been fishing and chartering the pristine waters off WA\'s coast.  This year it was synchronised with exact same date as the event in Capo D\'Orlando, which is a City of Fremantle sister city.

My children had school friends whose families were from fishng villages all over the world and each year this was the start of a special week of celebrations for the whole community.  It\'s wonderful to know that my now adult children carry that respect and those friendships, into their parenting years, and I highly recommend others becoming patrons of this event

""This centuries old religious and civic ritual,  calls for divine providence to safeguard ships and crews from the dangers of the seas, as well as ensuring fishermen will return to port with a bountiful catch.  It\'s also an opportunity for us all to reflect on the most recent fishing season with its highs, lows and varying prices, along with ways we might be able to improve the overall catch and care of the ocean for future generations. It is also a time for us to pay respect to the fishing community for its dedication and their commitment to using the City of Fremantle as a base.



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