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Good News - Sports - Aussie Winner Cadel Evans

Cadel Evans Rides Into History ...

What an amazing race over 21 days, and thousands of grueling kilometers that saw crashes and feats of heroism almost every day.

In the early hours of this morning Melbourne time Australian cyctist Cadel Evans became the first ever Aussie to win the race that all professional cyctists dream of winning.

Having been runner up on two occasions and having also crashed out on another with a broken elbow Cadel knew exactly what was needed to stand on the top level of the podium on the final day and that is exactly what he focused on, day after day and minute by minute.

Speaking with a few people this morning showed that cycling is not everyone's 'cup of tea', but as my wife and I have experienced over the last six or seven years once you let the Tour de France into your heart and into your blood it is there for life. 

Having an Australian or three in the event makes the evenings viewing even more memorable, but the 'cream rises to the top' every year and that handful of elite athletes win the hearts of everyone.

What courage and commitment it takes to get on your bike and take off down a mountain at speeds of up to 80kph or more ... and to stand on your pedals and use every muscle in your body to keep your momentum ging forward kilometer after kilometer up a mountain to the top, just to see another and another mountain in the distance.

Congratulations to Cadel Evans and the BMC Team for an amazing race and wonderful finsh!

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