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Good News - Environment - Germany doubles subsidies for electric cars

Germany's Chancellor Merkel has promised to double its financial aid to the elctric car industry, injecting one trillion euros over the next two years and then doubling that to two billion in 2013. That is almost three billion US dollars.

Proud of it's number one position in the auto industry Germany faces the likehood of losing the position to Japan with companies such as Toyota, Honda and Mitzubishi all working on electric cars.

Mitzubishi's new electric car is due for release later this year, while Toyota is working closely with US electric car maker Tesla Motors.

The earliest a German electric car will hit the streets is 2013.

But Germany has always had long term success in mind and an ambitious goal of one million electric vehicles on the streets of Germany by 2020 will inevitably have to be met if they are to stand a chance of staying No1.

But is it really a 'race'?

We all live on the one planet and imagine what will become possible when we see that working together, rather than competition is the road ahead.

Robert Kiyosaki, author and entrepreneur says "If you are competing you have stopped thinking."

Full CNC World News report click here.


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