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"Faith is much better than belief. Belief is when someone else does the thinking." R. Buckminster Fuller
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Good News - Education - GENI Foundation Comes On-board

A BIG warm welcome to GENI Foundation who have come on-board Your Healthy [Planet as a National Alliance Sponsor in Australia. It's very appropriate to welcome GENI Foundation and to have the opportunity to support their mission further as GENI has, in many ways had a hand in the formulation of Your Healthy Planet.

Some time before 1986 the founder of GENI, Peter Miesen sat in a lectuer given by R Buckminster Fuller (c1895 - 1983) in which 'Bucky' Fuller shared his idea of a Global Electric Energy Grid as the number one priority to solve many of the world's most pressing problems.

Peter took on the challenge to bring Bucky Fuller's dream into reality ... and over the past twenty five years has made this his life's purpose.

Details of GENI's amazing achievements can be found on the websites above and additional opportunities are also there to support this mission.

What makes GENI's 'model' so powerful is the interconnectedness and common purpose ... the connection of electrical power grids between countries and continents with an emphasis on tapping remote renewable energy sources.

"The problems of humanity threaten each of us -- yet our ignorance makes us believe that somehow we can remain immune. That just isn't so. The critical issues we face; poverty, pollution, population growth and proliferation of nuclear weapons, have time frames much longer than any political term of office. These problems are interconnected, which suggests that the solutions will also be interconnected. We need more comprehensive thinking and long-range global planning. I invite you to investigate The GENI Initiative as I have. It offers hope for all humanity." -- Walter Cronkite

At Your Healthy Planet we have provided a new structure to interconnect individuals, businesses, groups and organizations whose common purpose is enhancing our survivability on this planet, and we do this by focusing on the healthy, green, sustainable aspects of our member's products and services that are promoted through the Ethical Marketplace.

The synergy from bringing together thousands, and millions or separate individuals and organizations is much much more than the sum of our individual efforts, and indeed the result is unpredictable ... in a very beautiful way.

John Denver referred to Buckminster Fuller as the Grandfather of the Future and I feel he was right on the mark. We own an enormous debt to Bucky.

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