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Good News - Sports - Japanese Golfer Gives All

We take action through inspiration or desperation ... and sometimes both.

Young Japanese golfing star Ryo Ishikawa is donating his golfing earnings to the Japanese earthquake appeal.

His equal 20th place at the Masters Tournament ($93,000US) gave a good boost to the appeal.

Imagine when we become inspired by the opportunity of everyone on earth enjoying our planet fully, and we start working together ... through inspiration rather than "desperation".

In 2010 a young Herbalife distributor, a top money earner in the US received $1.05million as an annual bonus award.

He and his wife had already agreed that as their business grew ... when they got to the level where they received such a bonus (over 1million dollars) they would donate it to the Herbalife Family Foundation who support children around the world (have a mission that every child has at least one nutritious meal a day).

The cheque for US$1.05million stayed only momentarily in his hand before passing it on where it will make an enormous difference.

Congratulations to Ryo Ishikawa and all those putting their passion to work to make a difference to others.

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