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"We must do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living." R. Buckminster Fuller
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GENI Foundation

General Information:
First Contact: Ruanna
Address: 165 Pascoe Vale Rd Moonee Ponds, VIC
Email: ruanna.segal@genifoundation.org.au

Service Offered:
"Environmental & Energy Education"

Connection energy grids around the world and helping to end global hunger.



To accelerate the realisation of optimal, ecologically sustainable energy solutions in the shortest possible time for the peace, health and prosperity of all.

We envision a world in which all people have access to ecologically sustainable energy, as quickly as possible.

\"The global energy grid is the world\'s number one highest priorty objective.\" -Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller


The GENI Foundation is a non-profit organisation conducting research and education focused on a compelling and technologically feasible global energy strategy that addresses the fundamental issues of quality of life, energy efficiency and sustainable development.

The Strategy we promote is to interconnect electrical power grids between countries and continents to create an international energy grid with an emphasis on linking renewable energy sources - wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal and ocean - to meet our energy needs sustainably.

We focus on electricity and its sources. Electricity is the essential infrastructure that enables our modern quality of life. Renewable energy sources offer a transition from polluting fossil fuels to a clean environment and sustainable energy.

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