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"We must do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living." R. Buckminster Fuller
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Alex Sprunt

General Information:
First Contact: Call Alex +61 (0)406 162 295
Address: 17 Rhodes Parade Pascoe Vale, VIC 3044
Phone: 61 0 406 162 295
Email: sales@fittowalkandtalk.com

Service Offered:
"Bringing Balance To Your Life"

As a risk engineer and athlete Alex has a unique way to provide the best nutrition for you and your body, that\'s a guarantee!


Hi ... my name is Alex Sprunt.

In 1999 I felt that as long as I bought what looked like \'fresh\' foods, and ate enough protein, a variety of carbohydrates and a minimal amount of fats and sugars then I would be able to compete and perform at my best.

That\'s what I thought at the time.

And that was what I experienced until I put myself under pressure. I started training for an ultra-marathon ... a 2000km walk in 30 days.

It was soon evident to me that the \"good food\" diet I was on just was not making the grade anymore, and I started suffering from headaches and felt fatigued.

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