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"We must do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living." R. Buckminster Fuller
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Fit to Walk and Talk

General Information:
First Contact: Call Alex 0406 162 295
Address: 17 Rhodes Parade Pascoe Vale, VIC 3044
Phone: 61 0 406 162 295
Email: alex@fittowalkandtalk.com

Service Offered:
"Weight Management and Fitness"

I help people to learn how EASY it is to be well. Improve fitness, prevent injury, increase vitality! Money back guarantee.


My name is Alex Sprunt. As an athlete & risk manager I saw first hand how to optimize my health, energy levels and vitality. This didn\'t happen by accident. There was a series of unique events that have culminated in the creation of Fit to Walk and Talk ... where our \'moto\' is \"Making it EASY to be well\".

The events actually started when I was only eight years old ... yes, 8 years old. I was encouraged by my father to join him each morning as he completed a series of exercises he had dome years before while training in the air-force.

I became a very good sportsman and excelled at basketball, tennis and squash. Staying fit was always EASY for me and so sports were fun and enjoyable.

I continued playing sport and shared some of the skills with my children when they were young.

But the event that changed the direction of my life was the sudden death of a work colleague and friend who suffered a severe heart attack and died. He never got a second chance.

He left behind a wife and two young daughters ... and I knew that if he had developed just a few of the healthy habits I have he would still be here enjoying life, watching his children grow up, have children of their own and lots more.

We have known the importance of habits for a long long time:

\"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.\" -- Aristotle (C300 BC)

But just knowing something doesn\'t mean it won\'t happen to you, and even more important is the fact that only one person in ten will achieve the goals they set in life unless they have a COACH.

I want to be your coach ... you will get an education that works. I am one of the best.

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