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  • If you are one of the tens of millions of individuals, businesses or non profit groups around the world that knows there is now plenty for everyone to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life join us now.. You can share in 70% of the revenue we receive and use it to help achieve your mission and goals.
  • If you know that cooperation rather than competition is now the only option for us to repair the Earth, heal those damaged by war and poverty and grow a flourishing sustainable future then join us now..

What Our Members Have to Say

  • As a co-operative, the system promotes abundance by directing a large percentage of the advertising income back to the members in a very generous affiliate rewards plan.

    Connecting those who are doing good, promoting them and rewarding them.

    Joan Jacobs
    The Light Within

  • As a member of Your Healthy Planet you access FREE services and the opportunity to EARN a healthy extra income that can grow and grow to provide security to you and your family.

    It is a part of the cooperation revolution!

    Alex Sprunt CEO
    Fit to Walk and Talk

  • I do not really understand it all, but building a World that works for everyone is a BIG game that is worth playing, you agree. Working together must give us all a better future so I am in.

    Look for me, an amazing health coach.

    Helen McArthur
    Lifestyle Coach

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    Mark Vilton
    Villo Finance Ceo

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    Mark Vilton
    Villo Finance Ceo

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The healthy choices, ideas, treatments, activities and suggestions are offered for your consideration. If you have any pre-existing medical disorders or if you are taking any prescribed medication(s), we recommend you consult your medical doctor before following any exercise regime, health treatment or activity found on this web-site. See more

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If you wish only to receive communications that are account-related or legally required, you may request not to receive other communications (i.e. you may "opt out"). If you wish to make a request to opt out, you can do so at any time by letting Your Healthy know of your request by contacting the Your Healthy customer service line on 61 2 8006 0152.

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Why we ask for your birth date?

Your birthday allows Your Healthy to keep you informed of events that are particularly suited to your age, as well as the interests you have noted within your profile. We aim to be as effective and as efficient as possible and may even ask for additional information at a later time. This information is not mandatory.

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