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Privacy Policy and Cookie Use

  • Your Healthy Planet.com will never rent, sell or distribute our members information to anyone, unless required to by law. Your information will be held in strict confidence.
  • Your Healthy Planet.com collects personal information about you to support you with the promotion and development of your healthy business, club or organisation. Your Healthy Planet.com also collects and uses Personal Information for related (or secondary) purposes including:

    • billing and account management;
    • business planning and product development;
    • to provide you with information about promotions, as well as the products and services of Your Healthy Planet.com companies and other organisations.
  • If you wish only to receive communications that are account-related or legally required, you may request not to receive other communications (i.e. you may "opt out"). If you wish to make a request to opt out, you can do so at any time by letting Your Healthy Planet.com know of your request by contacting the Your Healthy Planet.com customer service line on 61 2 8006 0152.
  • You may request access to Personal Information Your Healthy Planet.com holds about you, and Your Healthy Planet.com will grant you access.
  • Cookies help us provide, protect and improve the Your Healthy Planet's Services, such as by personalizing content, tailoring and measuring ads and member services, and providing a safer experience. While the cookies we use may change from time to time as we improve and update the our services, they generally include to verify your account and determine when you�re logged in, help us keep your account and data safe and secure, and for performance and analytical measure.
  • Your birthday allows Your Healthy Planet.com to keep you informed of events that are particularly suited to your age, as well as the interests you have noted within your profile. We aim to be as effective and as efficient as possible and may even ask for additional information at a later time. This information is not mandatory.
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