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Come On A Journey into the Year 2050 ...

Hello and thank you for joining us at Your Healthy Planet.com ... where it PAYS to be healthy, green and sustainable!

If this is your first visit, or your second, or you just haven't been here for a while I invite you to come on a journey with us for a few minutes, into the year 2050.

The year is 2050 ...
IMAGINE you've just woken from another good night's sleep ... and now have plenty of time for your morning exercise and meditation session.

The heated lap pool is an integral part of your hi-tech "green home" and is designed to control temperature by absorbing excess heat and recycling heat back into the house and the home office as needed.

You start your morning with a stretching routine for 15 minutes, a little yoga and then complete a 20 lap swim before entering the meditation chamber.

You find the 30 minutes of meditation energises you and enhances your wellbeing so you cope effortlessly on less than six hours sleep.

Breakfast is usually fresh produce from your own food garden, and this morning is no exception.

Today you have free-range eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and even organic bacon. Absoluetly delicious and so easy. You take extra vitamin supplements, get dressed in comfortable clothing and head off to work with a delicious protein shake in hand.

There was a time you recall when you had 'no time' for breakfast, but not any more ... you really do "breakfast like a King".

Your office is less than 20 metres away
and set beside an indoor garden.

The garden helps regulate the climate and clean the air. The passive solar design of the building and it's use of natural materials and Feng Shuie provides a comfortable temperature and an environment that makes you want to work here.

It also helps energise you and at the same time allows you to focus and be relaxed.

When you add in the wind turbine your net energy 'bill' is positive and adds quite a few dollars to your annual income, which is now well in excess of your families needs, and allows you to contribute generously to a number of non-profit projects around the globe.

Before you know it you're at your desk collecting your messages. Many have been automatically dealt with by your intelligent response system allowing you to focus on those remaining tasks.

Your work day is normally around four to five hours but today you have a training class to conduct and that will go into the early afternoon. Then you have your regular mentoring sessions which last for two hours, soccer practice and finally dinner at your favourite seafood restaurant on the coast.

The entire fishing industry was transformed almost ten years ago and many previously endangered species are now beginning to flourish. Some species thought to be extinct now exist in good numbers, it's been unbelievable.

The co-operation between countries and fishing 'empires' heralded a new era. Their example was quickly taken up by many farming industries and has seen a return to more traditional, organic and bio-dynamic forms of farming. The diversity is adding incredible value to local communities and is producing an abundance of superior natural products.

Today, almost half of the global work force operates like you, from their home, and besides the obvious saving in travel time, there have been enormous benefits from the reduction in pollution, reduced stress and now you enjoy more recreation and 'healing' activities at home and at the neighbour-hood wellness and 'living-learning centre' located a short 15 minutes away.

Like everyone else you drive a 'green car', in your case you've chosen a Tesla S Sedan, an all electric plug-in powered entirely by renewable energy and very very popular throughout Asia.

You also have a zippy new flying car which you use on weekends away and business trips interstate. It's so quiet and travels at almost 300 kph on 'auto-pilot'. You arrive relaxed and ready to 'go' every time.

It's hard to believe that less than 20 years ago you would drive for about an hour, que up at busy airports and then take a taxi, every time you went interstate. The same trip is now completed in half the time, at a fraction of the cost and is twice as comfortable. It's also incredible safe.

It's mid morning and time to check the stock-market reports. This is another major institution that has been through incredible change. Many traditional "blue chip" stocks have disappeared with the shift to green renewable energies and 'triple bottom line' accounting. Although many analysts were skeptical about whether the new "green" stocks would succeed everyone has simply been amazed at how quickly the transformation has taken place.

The leading stocks today are all into "livingry", wellness insurance companies, renewable energy groups, green technology stocks and open space technology groups.

Just take energy as an example. In 2002 the forecast was for less than 10% renewable by 2050. Can you believe that? We already have 70% renewable now and it's forecast that will reach 90% by 2030. That's just one example of how incredible fast technology is allowing us to transform industry and commerce literally over night.

Business is now focused on producing products and services that create true wealth for everyone without detrimental effects to the environment or any minority groups.

In the early 1960's a man named R Buckminster Fuller predicted this could happen. He even said that it could happen by the year 2000 if we were all willing to work together. But, of course we weren't willing to work together were we? We had "the terrorism that we had to have" ... had to have so that certain companies, particularly in the weapons industry could become very very wealthy and almost unstoppable ...

They were stopped, and all those funds redirected into "livingry" rather than more destructive weaponry. Over one trillion dollars a year was redirected during the 2020's.

Then we had to deal with some incredible natural disasters right up to around 2015. By then the vast majority of individuals (and governments) had seen what 'Bucky', as he was affectionately known, had seen so many years before.

Now, with everything we've learned in the past decade and a half we can see even more opportunities for everyone on planet earth and naturally we'll share it all with our 'new distant neighbors' as we reach out more and more.

The possibilities are endless.

It almost feels like we've just begun.

Thank you for taking the time to come on this brief journey into the year 2020.

Are you excited by the opportunity of living an incredible, passionate and very prosperous life?

Of course you are. You'd be crazy not to be excited ...

We hope you are starting to see (or already have seen) the possibility of a healthy prosperous and abundant lifestyle for everyone on board our planet Earth.

Now that we've bought you safely back to the present, we have a confession to make.

We want you to add a NEW and valuable income stream to your household, business, club or non profit organization. Or if you're a sole trader, that's fine. As long as you have healthy, green or sustainable elements or aspects to your product or service to promote and advertise.

Buckminster Fullers' principals and philosophies have been put to work, to create a structure that can go to work for you, and everyone else who participates.

We are an advertising directory and membership club for everyone who wants to create the future we know is possible, of health, prosperity and abundance.

You probably know of hundreds or even thousands of products and services that can help improve our health and wellness, and make our planet "greener" and more sustainable.

The problem is very few people know about them, and even fewer have easy access to them. You probably use a number of these products and services yourself.

Many are supplied and distributed by small to medium sized businesses, family run businesses or independent distributors without the 'backing' of multi-national companies who continue to flood our media with advertising campaigns.

Now you can share your information with hundreds, thousands and even millions of others and by your participation receive a share in the PROFIT that this abundance and diversity affords.

Our commitment at Your Healthy Planet.com is to help grow your business, club or organisation and in doing so, to grow the health, wellness and sustainable living industries faster than ever before.

Our initial goal is 3630 'Founding Advertising Members', healthy sustainable individuals, businesses, clubs and organisations each helping to improve health, wellness and survivability.

Our five-year goal is more ambitious ...

Can you imagine the difference five (5) million 'healthy' businesses will make when they are all working together ?

Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? ... No.

When you advertise on Your Healthy Planet.com you will connect with other healthy and sustainable businesses and organisations around the world, person by person, business by business and country by country.

We will also teach you how you can help others do the same and EARN passive income.

A Standard Advertising Subscriber investing just US$47.00/month (excluding taxes) receives two pages of advertising space on the directory and can EARN a passive income, up to $600,000.00pa or more.

Take ACTION now, reserve a valued position in our co-operative marketing plan as a Founding Advertising member and as one of the first 1,000 healthy and sustainable businesses, clubs and organisations pay only $17.00 a month for your Standard Advertising subscription. What you pay will never go up.

You can help grow the health, wellness and sustainable living industries locally and overseas. When you introduce three other subscribers to the directory your advertising effectively becomes FREE.

You can invite as many others as you please.

Share Your Healthy Planet.com with everyone you meet, including friends and family.

You don�t know who will know someone that has a healthy or sustainable business, product or service and wants to advertise and promote us. There are many individuals, businesses, sporting and social clubs and organisations (especially non profit groups) that want and need anextra income stream.

Everyone you refer becomes part of your TEAM helping to CREATE GLOBAL ABUNDANCE.

Invite people to join Your Healthy Planet.com from any country in the world.

If you believe in the benefits of co-operation, working together and one world that works for everyone you're going to love this. We look forward to welcoming you as a valued team member of Your Healthy Planet.com!

As an added and EXCITING BONUS everyone who becomes a Founding Advertising Member NOW by subscribing to a GOLD, Premium or Standard advertising subscription and receive entries into the draw for a New Tesla S Plug-In sedan, an amazing automobile valued at $55,000.

Click here NOW and "Lock In" your position as a "Founding Advertising Member"

You must be signed in as a Free Member before subscribing as an Advertising Member.

Let's rebuild communities in a healthy sustainable way ... even if it means doing it one person at a time.

P.S We have the opportunity of everyone on board our planet to live an incredible, passionate and very prosperous life as soon as we decide to work together and FOCUS on what we want. It has been possible since the early 1970's, and we will create it with your help.

P.P.S What will you do with your life when money is no longer an issue? For the vast majority of people the lack of money is still a massive issue ... yet Buckminster Fuller knew back in the 1970's it was not a shortage of money, our successful future is a direct result of our willingness to work together, for the benefit of everyone ... without disadvantage to anyone.

P.P.P.S You can get started as a Founding Advertising Member for just $4.70 for your first 30 days, and then only $17US per month. Once we reach 3630 Founding Advertising Members it will rise to $47.00 a month, still incredible value. Don't be disappointed that you missed out!

We are here to welcome you on-board ... the future is fertile and abundant! You are a seed of possibility.
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