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Good News - Environment - Is Sondors eCar a Distrupter?

Storm Sondors is one of the most successful businessmen when it comes to Crowd Funding as he proved with his innovative eBike campaign, but will his eCar start up be equally successful? It looks like it will ...

When Storm descided to enter the electric bike industry he saw electric bikes selling for two, three and even four thousand dollars, and many were pretty ordinary bikes with electric motors. He said he would produce a high quality electric bike for under $500US and that's exactly what he did.

Unfortunately the Australian government wouldn't let them into Australia in case we hurt ourselves ... and similar issues were raised in some European countries because we limit the power to 250W and the original Sondors eBikes are 350W.

That issue was resolved with a new 250W Skinny model and the orders kept rolling in.

Now entering the electric car market is obviously a BIGGER GAME ... and it looks like Storm wants to play a similar strategy and aims to deliver a sexy, high quality electric car with a base model price of $10,000US.

I think he can do it too ... he's a master at outsourcing and quality control, and working with todays emerging markets means that anything is possible.

This time investors can purchase shares from as little as $120.00 so everyone can be a part of the future he's creating. Good luck Storm ... and I will be getting my shares too.

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