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Good News - Environment - Uber Investing In Car Free Cities

Uber testing driverless vehiclesCar share company Uber is investing heavily in a future that will eliminate 90% of cars from our cities. Toyota is also getting involved with Uber and can see a very different future coming towards us.

Redesigning cities is something that futurist R Buckminster Fuller said was necessary, for us to access the abundance that technology is providing everyone on earth.

Imagine your city with 10% of the traffic it currently has. This design step frees up huge amounts of space which can be returned back to nature.

Although Uber's fleets of driverless cars are going to make massive shifts in transport there is also the remote working options that will also reduce daily travel to workplaces, further reducing pollution, stress and the drain on our financial system which hasn\\\'t really accounted for many of the real costs involved in todays 'economy'.

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