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Good News - Peace & Freedom - Would You Give Up Your House?

Would you give up your house to a stranger in need like Tony did?

Tony moved back with mum so he could give a family of five a home for 12 months to live in as their own. Now that is definitely generosity, and Tony had gotten the idea from a couple that sold their house so and donated $800,000 to charity!

There hasn't been any scarcity on our planet Earth for decades now and yet in New York 60,000 homeless people (including 15,000 kids) are challenged every night to find a safe and secure place to rest and sleep.

Similar statistics exist in cities all around the world, and is it being caused by our almost insatiable desire for "ownership"? We want to own a home, an investment property, cars, boats and even airoplanes ... and it is inspiring to see examles like Tony's occuring at a time when fragmentation is occuring around the world and making ownership less relevent. What is being realised today is that the experience is what we actually want ... not ownership.

R Buckminster Fuller believed that ownership was perhaps human beings biggest mistake.

What would you be willing to let go of that could make a difference in someone elses experience?

Click here to read and see more of Tony's story..

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