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Good News - Environment - Thank you Tesla Motors and Elon Musk

Buckminster Fuller said that there is a "lag time" for everything, a delay in the discovery of something new and it being accepted. 

In the mobile phone industry the lag time is probably in the order of months, perhaps even weeks. In the residential housing industry Bucky said it was around 80 years I think, and in the automotive industry it is months and sometimes years between a new development and it being accepted into production.

In the very short time since Tesla Motors was born (a little over ten years ago) they have released a sports roadster, a luxury Model S sedan, the Model X and already a new Model 3 third generation EV is in the process.

One thing that's unique about Tesla Motors is their commitment to service and exceeding their owner's santisfaction, something that they are obviously successfully doing given the four or more month delivery time on the award winning Model S.

Special thanks must go to Elon Musk (CEO and Chairman) and the Tesla Motors team for amazing innovation in their products and their business strategy. Opening access to their pattens is something that has been done before evidently, however this time the significance could be game changing.

Here at Your Healthy Planet we are giving away an AMAZING Tesla Model S sedan to a lucky Founding Advertising Member ... make sure you're in the DRAW.

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