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Good News - Business - Renault's Zero Carbon Plant

 Car manufacturer Renault is leading the way in the automotive industry taking responsibility for it's resources use; drastically cutting water usage and installing renewable energy at it's NEW zero carbon plant in Morocco and installing acres of solar at its seven French plants.

Read GreenBiz.com's article in full here.

Change is happening faster and faster. Buckminster Fuller termed it the 'acceleration of change' that few people can see.

The pressure to have less landfill means more recycling is necessary, new processes must be developed' and the increasing charges applied to energy and resources means they need to be conserved. In new plants like Morocco it is relatively easy to design them to be carbon zero however the retrofitting of existing manufacturing facilities is a much more expensive exercise.

All engineers and scientists know that the time to pick up design faults is on the drawing board, where the cost of making alterations is minimal.

The installation of acres of PV solar initially at Renault's seven French plants provides renewable energy resources and controls the cost of energy, but also protects pre-delivery vehicles from hail and storm damage which can on occasion incure major damage.

Bucky Fuller said that pollution is simply the raw material for another process, a process that we may not have yet invented, and we are seeing this come more and more into reality in the automotive industry and the computer industry where a greater and greater percentage of recycling occurs. Full partnership is in place between waste companies and Renault to facilitate the most efficient end product while protecting our environment.

Good job Renault ... now bring on the EV's in mass production please.


Read GreenBiz.com's article in full here.

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