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Good News - Environment - EV's Getting Paid While Connected

Getting paid while your electric car is parked ... is that really going to happen?

It is true that we live on an abundant planet and while many households are now being paid for the electricity they supply to the grid from their solar or wind generation, soon your EV will also get paid for the elecricity it supplies to the grid while parked.

The 'EV phenomenon' is truly amazing. It is such a radical transformation from the polluting, expensive, petrol guzzling vehicles of the past to a clean, quiet and abundant future.

Sure, there will be some resistence while the power players position themselves if they can, to take full advantage of the change, however the future is bright and abundant for everyone.

Amori Lovins of the Rocky Mountains Research Institute evidently proposed the idea of EV's connected to the grid being paid to 'buffer' the peak electricity demands ... another smart , energy saving suggestion from Amori.

Buckminster Fuller predicted an abundant and sustainable future was possible for everyone on Earth if we worked together and focused on "Livingry" rather than "Killingry" (war and military, weapons etc) but we are still investing far too much in Killingry at the expense of our children's future. We must get serious or it will be too late.

Fuller believed if we hadn't transformed our environment to a sustainable abundant one by 2,000AD we would be in dire trouble. Was he right, and are you still driving a polluting expensive vehicle? Do you or your children still go to war?

Integrity is all that counts ... ask yourself "Do I have the courage to do what I know is right, or am I going along with the crowd, fearful of losing my job or being laughed at?"

Full article available here.

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