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Good News - Business - UK launch of Nissan's electric car!

UK launches Nissan EV - www.yourhealthyplanet.comLast year the UK produced more motor vehicles than in all its history. Now that's a major claim and the good news is that many of them (increasing numbers) are EV or electric vehicles such as the new Nissan Leaf.

Nissan / Renault have invested over 2 billion dollars in a range of EV's that are being "mass produced" meaning that there are over 100,000 vehicles a year in production ... unlike Toyota in US which met their requirement of 2,500 new EV Rav4's in a joint venture with Tesla Motors.

Congratulations also go to the UK government's 400million pound investment in charging points required for the growing EV community. Imagine never having to ever visit a service station again! Now that is an experience (visiting the service station) I don't enjoy in the slightest and cannot wait.

Stay tuned for more updates on the EV movers and shakers such as Better Place, Nissan / Renault, Tesla Motors and more.

Watch the short video and read the full BBC article here.

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