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Step 2 - Start Advertising Today and ...
Let's Grow A Healthy, Green, Sustainable Future Together!

You can EARN an extra $500, $5,000 or even $10,000 a month or more in passive income while advertising the healthy, green and sustainable aspects of your business or enterprise?

Today's economic system is broken and has now been hit with enforced shutdowns due to the Covid19 pandemic. As a result we have incurred insurmountable debt levels. It is unsustainable, and rather than try to change this 'broken system' let's following Buckminster Fuller's advice and create a new co-operative system with a context of abundance that makes the old system redundant.
Your first month advertising is FREE!
Important Notes:
I. Complete your FREE membership, log in and then click on 'advertise' to promote what you do, promote the positive differences you make, and invite others to do the same! Together everyone achieves more. Your Healthy Planet is a FREE member's club and you must be a member to advertise.

II. Your first 30 day advertising trial is also FREE ... and we will plant a tree on your behalf.

III. You will then be charged just $17, $27 or $77 a month for your Standard, Premium or Limited GOLD Advertising subscription. You have nothing to lose and can trial our services at no risk, remember your first 30 days advertising is free.

If at any time you're not happy, for any reason, simply email mailto:admin@yourhealthyplanet.com for a full refund of your last month's subscription, no questions asked. But we do hope you get INSPIRED to stay and help create an amazing future together!

Our goal is to attract 10,000 advertising members, including the initial 3650 Founding Advertiising Members, who go in the DRAW for a chance to WIN a magnificent Tesla Model S values at over $110,000USD.

Limited Offer: Advertising premiums will rise as the value of the marketplace grows, however if you are one of the first 1000 Founding advertising members you will never pay more than $17.00, $27.00 or $77 a month; or the next 2650 Founding advertising members $27.00, $37.00 or $97.00 a month for a Standard, Premium or GOLD advertising subscription, and that's SAVING of over 40%.

Choose a Standard / Premium or Limited GOLD advertising subscription and place two advertisements on our Ethical Marketplace. There is also an opportunity to grow real wealth ('life support') by inviting other healthy, green, ethical people, businesses and non-profit groups to join you, and add value to the Ethical Marketplace.

But it is more about what you are INVESTING IN ... Helping to GROW the world's largest, most abundant Ethical Marketplace where everyone can be well rewarded for adding real value here on Earth.

The next 6350 "early adopter" advertising members will pay a low $47.00, $77.00 or $157 a month for a Standard, Premium or GOLD advertising subscription.

Every member of Your Healthy Planet (including FREE Members) can EARN extra income simply by introducing members who promote their products or services on our Ethical Marketplace. You get paid for doing good.

Invite three others, five others or ten others ... invite as many as you like and help them set up their advertisements and you'll soon be advertising for free. Help them introduce a handful of other members and you're now earning a small "extra income" from our affiliate rewards plan that can grow and grow. In nature all energy flows. It is not hoarded, except for our reserves of fossil fuels ... for our star like future?.

It really is that simple!
Start TODAY and SAVE!
Advertising members can earn up to $50,000 a month (or more) by helping us grow the World's Largest Ethical Marketplace, and a healthy, green, sustainable future.

Simply login first ... and then click on the "Promote Yourself" button above to get started.

The economic benefits of working together and "helping others succeed" are enormous, and it is called co-operation! We are now part of the co-operation revolution.

Download your Rewards Calculator here. DOWNLOAD

If you have a business, a healthy product or service, you belong to a club, group or organization that is making a positive difference to our future, then make sure YOU can be found on Your Healthy Planet.com ... where it PAYS to be healthy, green and sustainable!

Creating a world that works (for everyone without disadvantaging anyone) is not something you, or any one of us can achieve on our own. It will take all of us working TOGETHER!

Start today as a FREE Member and if you have a product or service to start promoting it today, become a Founding Advertising Member and go in the draw for a chance to WIN this amazing Tesla S Electric Plug-in sedan valued at over $110,000USD.

Advertise with us and go in the draw to WIN this 

amazing Tesla S Sedan

Advertise TODAY and SAVE ...Subscribe and SAVE

Help us grow faster by inviting three, five or ten people you know and respect. Some may have a product or service you feel should be found on Your Healthy Planet.com's Ethical Marketplace.

ASK THEM to invite others too ... and see how many new Advertising Members you can bring on-board. You can calculate how much extra income you could earn this year and start planning what you will do with it. Are there charities you'd like to support? You may be wanting to expand what you do, help others, or you may need a well earned holiday. The choice is yours.

Start TODAY and SAVE!

What other action could you take right now?

Discover the benefits of our Rewards Payment Plan, set yourself some goals and plan on becoming financially FREE.

**Earnings Disclaimer: No guarantee of earning extra income exists and therefore all advertising subscription purchases MUST be made for the sole purpose of advertising and promoting goods and services within the Ethical Marketplace.

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