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Our Vision
A world of healthy, happy and vital people.
A world that flourishes, and works for everyone.

Our Mission
To provide a STRUCTURE that brings health,
wealth, joy and abundance to planet Earth, and
helps elevate everyone up or 'out' to a
higher standard of sustainable living

We will attract healthy, green, sustainable
individuals, businesses, clubs and organisations
to come together and grow the World's largest
and most abundant Ethical Marketplace.

The answer is simple ... our current economic structure is invalid as it is based on a context of 'scarcity', which ended around 1971 when we reached a point, for the first time in history, where technology made it possible to provide a very high standard of living to every man, woman and child on Earth.

However most people have not been told, and so the old "divide to conquer, keep divided to keep conquered" strategy, and the "win as much as you can" attitude has continued for a while, but the internet is now giving individuals and organizations an opportunity to unite as one global family and create a world that works for everyone!

So Why Your Healthy Planet.com?
  1. ABUNDANCE - You enter a 'context' of abundance, where everything is possible.
  2. SYNERGY - You become part of an aligned globalTEAM interested in your success.
  3. LEVERAGE - You can now learn to work smarter instead of harder.
  4. REWARDS - You get rewarded for helping to promote a healthy, green and sustainable future.
Your Healthy Planet.com is based on the philosophies and teachings of futurist, inventor, engineer, architect and philosopher R.Buckminster Fuller who you can see in the brief video above.

Bucky Fuller knew over fifty (50) years ago that we had the resources and the know-how to provide for everyone on Earth at a very high standard of living, higher than anyone has yet experienced, but it could not be realized within our current invalid economic context of 'scarcity'.

Your Healthy Planet's intention and design is to provide a context of 'abundance' for every member who joins us, and once you step into abundance the only future possible is one of plenty.

The 'context' determines what results are possible, and the results can be simply AMAZING!

Here are just a few of the observations Fuller made last century ... has anything changed?
  • Workers in the modern age are nothing more than slaves, with all the profits of their labour being directed to a small handful of greedy individuals.
  • Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.
  • We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody
  • You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
Today, the media focuses most of it's attention on problems like war, terrorism, natural disasters, hunger, illness, depression, scarcity, debt, violence, drugs, illicit sex, accidents, fast food and just about anything else to sell a newspaper, a magazine, blog or website or improve their ratings.
Visionary entrepreneur; humanitarian and Founder of Herbalife International Corporation, Mark Hughes always said: "Spend 10% of your time on the problem, and 90% on the solution."
The Universe always and only delivers whatever we FOCUS on. It's like aiming at a target. You won't hit it unless you're aiming at it will you?

Our JOB as individuals and as a community is to focus a little bit more, and then some more on the type of future we actually want. A healthy green sustainable future, Your Healthy Planet ... a world that works for everyone.Makes sense doesn't it!

We believe that a 'healthy vibrant planet' needs a great diversity of the plant and animal kingdom, that we've been provided with, plus human beings. That is certainly not the future we are currently creating. In fact if we continue to ignore the warning signs and don't correct our ways very quickly we will have a very different future. It could be a future where we are forced to engineer environmental solutions just to survive.

Buckminster Fuller talked of "un-evident selfishness", of looking out for ourselves and our own advantage (often at the expense of others) because of a belief that there simply is not enough for everyone, and of course the global population is still increasing.

Scarcity, or a lack of food, clothing and shelter was replaced by global abundance around the year 1970 through the acceleration of technological development (accelerating ephemeralization), but the vast majority of the world's population are not yet aware of this fact yet.
At Your Healthy Planet.com we provide a STRUCTURE designed to FOCUS attention on what we want in our future, a future that each one of us is creating every day through our individual and combined actions, both consciously and unconsciously.

Buckminster Fuller referred to the function of a "trimtab" in nautical and aeronautical design as a metaphor for how individual human beings (and groups) make a difference in the world and in doing so change the course of humanity.

Your Healthy Planet encourages a small shift towards the healthy, green, sustainable aspects of life and in that way help change our direction towards a healthy, sustainable and abundant future, a future that we want for ourselves, our children and their children.

Many indigenous cultures have for thousands of years focused their attention 'seven generations hence', thereby ensuring their livelihood, sustainability and wealth for ever.

Dubbed 'the Grandfather of the Future" and the 'gentle genius', the late Mr R Buckminster Fuller said that it would take a comprehensive "Design Science Revolution" to allow us to access the enormous ABUNDANCE that our beautiful planet Earth is capable of providing us with.

This capability he said is part of our totally regenerative Universe.

'Bucky', as Dr Fuller became fondly known was also very clear that it would take a willingness to work together, combined with global inter-connectedness or "networking" to achieve this audacious goal.

Bucky said that we will come to a time where 'work' is no longer considered as work, rather that you have seen a problem and are solving the problem. The money and resources for such will be available.

Individuals, businesses and organizations will want to be a part of Your Healthy Planet and see it as an organization they are a stakeholder in.

Your Healthy Planet is a for-profit corporation designed to distribute wealth and elevate everyone to new standards of living, helping transform 'society', and re-introduce values such as fun, family, health, freedom, community, integrity, love, respect and abundance back into our lives.

It is a free members club, and co-operative marketplace or advertising directory.

We fund all advertising and promotional activities with monthly subscriptions from as low as US$17 per month for Founding Advertising members (will soon rise to $47/month) and the vast majority of the advertising subscriptions (more than 70%) is plowed back into the community by way of our 'rewards payment plan'.

Below are some of categories you can advertise in on our directory or 'Ethical Marketplace.' Additional categories and sub-categories may be added in the future.

Active Apparel Healthy Business
Artists and Musicians Healthy Body Care
Coaches and Coaching Programs Healthy Pets and Pet Care
Educational and Training Leisure and Outdoor Equipment
Exercise and Health Equipment Non Profit Clubs, Groups and Organizations
Finance and Wealth Creation Sporting and Social Activities
Healthy Homes and Household Products Technology
Healthy Holidays and Conference Centers Transport and Travel
Health Clubs and Gymnasiums Sustainable and Ethical Business
Healthy Eating and Nutrition Wellness Centers

We're building momentum at present by connecting with one person at a time ... and our initial goal is 3630 Founding Advertising Members or 'stakeholders' who receive a 67% discount on their advertising subscription for having faith and working with us to grow Your Healthy Planet.com and especially our Ethical Marketplace.

Listen to Bucky discuss "Anticipatory Design Science" ...

In addition to advertising, promoting and encouraging healthy sustainable trade, Your Healthy Planet.com is setting up an educational body called the Sustainable Childrens' Foundation (SCF) into which 100% of profits from Your Healthy Planet.com will be directed.

It is our intention that the Sustainable Childrens' Fund will have the capacity to receive grant moneys and donations and will be the owner of a series of "Living Learning Centers or Institutes". We hope to be starting with our first one in the Tweed Valley area and within a 60 minute commute from the Gold Coast Airport.

Like all important projects it is best to start with the END IN MIND!
Our PLAN is to have 5 million healthy, green and / or sustainable people, businesses and groups advertising on Your Healthy Planet.com's Ethical Marketplace and working together within the next 5 years.

We will transform business, and the lifestyles people lead into a lifestyle of abundance, health, fun and freedom. We will do this by shifting the FOCUS from a focus of simply making money to one of making sense, and allowing the money, or the value you are bringing to the marketplace', to flow.

By that time we will be:
  • Investing almost $50.0 million dollars a month (twenty percent of advertising revenue) in to promoting and advertising healthy, green and sustainable activities, events, products and services.
  • Investing some $11.5 million dollars a month into the Sustainable Childrens' Fund (SCF) to develop or support an estimated three hundred Living Learning Centers, holistic education facilities based on the generalized principals and comprehensive thinking. Partnerships with existing community groups will constitute a large part of this funding.
  • Investing almost $6.0 million dollars a month (an 'overflow' of capped reward payments) in providing low interest loans and green grants to members wanting to enhance the health and sustainability of their activities, events, products and services.
  • plowing over $160.0 million a month (more than 70 percent of all advertising revenue) back to YOU, our members, the individuals, businesses, clubs and organizations who are working together as stakeholders in Your Healthy Planet.com to help grow the healthy, green and sustainable future we all see possible.

Click here to see more details on the distribution of our rewards income to The Sustainable Children's Fund and the Living Learning Centers it will build, and to our members and affiliates.

The internet is an incredibly powerful tool that is opening opportunities around the world and it has no boundaries.

The internet is one of the best examples of 'ephemeralization', doing more with less that we have ever seen, or not seen.

As Bucky Fuller said, "Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable."

Have you seen the recent developments in internet advertising and social networking? It's literally exploding ... and you can benefit financially too.

The past structures of 'hard copy' advertising are still operating and providing little or no benefit to many of their advertising clients.

To place a small advertisement in your local newspaper can cost $100 a month, and often produce little or no return. Advertise in a popular magazine, or daily newspaper and you are looking at investments of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Radio and television advertising requires investments of tens of thousands of dollars, and the cost increases every year.

The internet provides us with the ability to 'do more with less', and provide a higher return on investment.

Look at the founders of Amazon, Facebook and Google. What is the estimated value this small handful of young people have accrued, seemingly almost 'out of nothing'?
  • Amazon founder Jeff Bezos now the wealthiest person on Earth, worth one hundred and forty billion dollars. He is an example of the widening gap between the wealthy and the poor, which needn't exist today.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, one of the creators of social networking site Facebook was the youngest self-made U.S. billionaire to ever appear in the Forbes billionaire rankings. Facebook was set up to keep in touch with friends he made at Harvard, and has now made him one of the top ten wealthiest people according to Forbes magazine, at a staggering $86.5 billion.
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google are worth more than $60B each, Forbes says ...
Imagine that you are now earning an extra $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 a month or more in passive income ... each and every month.

What will you do with this EXTRA income?

Will you save some? Will you give some away, or tithe 10% or more to a charity or community group that you are aligned with? Will you help your children or family members start their own healthy, ethical and sustainable businesses?

You will soon be able to purchase (or invest) in some healthy, sustainable products or services directly from Your Healthy Planet.com's Ethical Marketplace.

You could even decide to 'lower the price' of your product/s or services, or provide an extra service at no extra charge. You may want to employ staff that you previously felt you couldn't afford. The choices are many and are yours to make.
TECHNOLOGY and our ability to DO MORE WITH LESS everyday ... means prices should always come down.

Inflation, according to Buckminster Fuller "is anti-evolution" and the result of human beings not working together.

We see this in certain industries where co-operative work practices are implemented like the motor industry and the computer industry.

When you advertise on Your Healthy Planet.com twenty percent (20%) of your investment is pooled into a co-operative marketing and advertising campaign bringing more attention to your industry, your products and / or services.

Your Healthy Planet.com will sponsor and promote healthy, green and sustainable community and industry activities, Expo's, sporting events and the like.

Almost 70% of all advertising subscriptions are returned to our members, the individuals, clubs, businesses and organizations that are working together to GROW the healthy green and sustainable future we all want.

DOWNLOAD For details of our Rewards Payment Plan download a rewards calculator. Make sure you read all the notes.

Administrative costs will be minimized by the contributions of members and 50% of profits from Your Healthy Planet.com's advertising and sponsorship revenue are paid into the Sustainable Childrens' Fund.

Listen to Bucky discuss the computer, and "Work" ...

The Founder - In October 1999 Alex and a small support team set off from the Victorian Treasury offices in Melbourne, Australia and headed north on a 2000km walk to sunny Brisbane in the south-east corner of Queensland.

Exactly thirty (30) days later they finished the marathon trek at the 'Old Treasury Buildings', which is operating as the Brisbane Casino.

The walk was to highlight the need to increase our FOCUS on improving health and sustainability, and providing more attention to the incredible diversity of products and services that makes up the health and sustainable living industries.

This was the first of three attempts to create a workable STRUCTURE in which to build the World's biggest directory of healthy green businesses, clubs and organizations. That first attempt did not succeed mainly because they were tackling a big task on their own.

Like many small businesses, individuals and sole traders around the globe Alex was operating in a competitive marketplace; in a marketplace that appears to be designed to make life 'hard' ... due to its out-dated context of scarcity and the need to compete.

Having left a career in risk engineering and risk management, Alex understood the potential return that is available by taking preventative actions to protect assets, including your personal health and your potential as a human being.

There was certainly no financial incentive for individuals to pursue healthy sustainable lifestyles in the 1990's and so many businesses focused on pure profit ahead of personal and community health, and environmental sustainability. We now know the cumulative results have been disastrous.

Advisory Panel - Is currently being established and if you would like to be part of it, or know someone you feel should be, please contact Alex.

Expert Panel - If you are an expert in a particular field of wellness and sustainable living and would like to share your expertise with members through the Professional Rooms, an exciting free member service on Your Healthy Planet.com please email now.

Web Development Team - We are currently seeking interested parties to participate in the ongoing maintenance and future development of Your Healthy Planet.com. Areas of expertise include php, java, open source web development and SEO services. An attractive remuneration package will be available to the successful applicant/s. email Alex

Membership Delight Team - vacancies are available for members who want to have a greater involvement in the future abundance and delight of membership services at Your Healthy Planet.com.email Alex

Advertising and Marketing Team - vacancies are available for members who have advertising and marketing expertise and who want to have a greater involvement in the future abundance being created for everyone on planet Earth. An attractive remuneration package will be available to the successful applicant/s. Email Alex now

There are many opportunities for you to assist and make a difference at Your Healthy Planet.com as we work to accelerate the growth of the wellness and sustainable living industries locally, nationally and globally.

  • Are you an advocate of health, wellness and sustainable living?
No matter which country you are in, if you are willing to invest a little time each week then we'd like to hear from you. If you have a personal and/or commercial interest in growing the health and or sustainable living industry, having fun, learning valuable skills and even being rewarded for it, then contact us now to discuss the opportunity.

If you are interested, type "ASSISTING Your Healthy Planet.com" in the subject area and email us now

  • Are you are an IT 'specialists' wanting to create a healthy future?
IT Specialists, experts in php, JAVA and web page design for an unbelievably rewarding future. Please type "ASSISTING YHP.Com" in the subject area and email us now

  • Are you an active individual with an interest in sporting, cultural and social events?
We're looking for individuals, clubs and organizations who are interested in entering their events and activities onto our "What's On" - it's absolutely FREE for all members and lets others know what you have on. Type "ASSISTING YHP.Com" in the subject area. email us now.

  • Join Our Expert Panel
If you are an expert or a professional in a field of health and well-being and/or sustainable living there are opportunities to participate as our expert presenter in our Professional Rooms located in the member's area of Your Healthy Planet.com.

Professionals with expertise in a particular area of health and well-being, sustainable living, personal growth, aqua and agriculture, finance and more, and who are willing to run a tele-seminar, submit articles to our website, newsletter and/or "Good News" section on a regular, or irregular basis.

If you are interested please type "PROFESSIONAL ROOM PRESENTER" in the subject area and email us now.
If you know of someone who may be interested in one of the above opportunities, please let them know or provide us with their email address and we will send them some information.

If you think it's ridiculous that a small group of ordinary people, especially people like you and me have any chance to impact the health and wellbeing of our planet in a major way then remember these words ... and know it is entirely possible.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ... Margaret Mead,

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